How to improve your visual communication and boost your e-marketing strategies

Published: 26th May 2010
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Communication is a process whereby meaning is assigned and conveyed to create an understanding among people. It can also be described as the exchange of thoughts, messages or information. There are many types of communications, the 4 main types are:

- Verbal communication

- Non-verbal communication

- Written communication

- Visual communication

Visual communication is the illustration display of information. Some examples of visuals are paintings, photographs, signs, designs, symbols, television images, video clips among others.

Today, visual communication is an important part of Marketing. Marketers use visuals to backup their messages in order to create sales. Wherever you look around you, you will notice elements of visuals mixed with texts which advertise a brand name. For example, a bottle of water, the monitor screen of your computer, in newspapers and magazines, on billboards, on televisions among others. Visual communication has invaded our routine life as it is the most powerful tool to attract customers into buying behaviors.

The aim of relying on visual communication is to:

- Attract attention of people

- Promote company's image

- Use to support key messages of products/services

- Used in presentations among others

Visuals in the business world are created mainly by graphic designers and photographers. The following describes how to improve your visual communication:

A good camera and a good photographer are needed.

A professional high definition camera and the service of a good photographer are needed. Today, there exist alternative ways to produce internally your own photos. Office workstations are available on the market with high definition option that can take professional photos, interactive 360° animations and 3D animations to provide you complete autonomy.

A good graphic designer is needed.

Either you recruit a good graphic designer or you have your graphic solutions solved online by professionals who clip, optimize and provides tailored solution to your visual communication. Your visuals should be very professional and of high quality.

Become more creative in your visual endeavor. Marketers should be inspired to think out of the box. Your brand or company's name should be the first on your target customers' perceptual map.

Differentiate yourself from your competitor (eg. logo) and be consistent in your visual communication.

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