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Published: 19th January 2011
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Electronic commerce, known as e-commerce consists of the buying and the selling of goods or services over the internet or other computer networks. Existing since the 1970s, this form of marketing has greatly expanded during the last 10 years as more and more people and companies are having access to the internet. Today, in order to survive from the strict competition governing this advertising world, it is very important to differentiate from competitors. Companies have had to adapt to a world where traditional business is no longer the same.

The setting up an e-commerce is not only about being different from competitors but it also provides an additional medium of communication and distribution to a vast range of people or to a targeted segment. There exist also several companies who have their businesses online only. For example companies who sell books online only, hotel room reservation which are made online only, among others.

There are basically two types of e-commerce: Business-to-business (B2B) and Business-to-consumer (B2C). Business-to-business concerns the transactions made between two or more businesses; such as manufacturers dealing with wholesalers or wholesalers dealing with retailers. On the other hand, business-to-consumer is when supplier deal directly with the end-users.

The major advantages of e-commerce are proximity with suppliers or customers, promptness in the buying or selling, ability to compare prices online from various information sources, easy monitoring of sales among others. However, the most important aspect of e-commerce, which determines sale, is Photo.

Photo is a powerful form of communication which transmits visual information to people. In e-commerce, photos are used to sell products. Marketers aim to show the best photos, which are very appealing so as to grab attention, invoke a desire and provoke a buying behavior. This is why it is imperative for marketers to have professional quality photos.

Photo studio for e-commerce

In contrast to traditional photo shooting methods, taking product photos via photo studio is much better. There exist specialized photo studios on the market which help in getting professional quality visuals and animations quicker and easier than with traditional photo shooting methods. The various advantages of the photo studio have been described below.

Fast and easy

Operating a professional photo studio is very easy. You just have to put the product in the studio and use the intuitive software to shoot, edit, annotate, email photos within minutes. This solution makes you highly autonomous.

Reduced operating cost

Having no need to rely on external photographers, graphic designers and flash designers for your photo needs; you save a considerable amount of costs.

Safe and no cast shadows

The lighting condition within the workstation provides a constant lighting level and is very safe for all your alimentary photo needs. Moreover, no cast shadows are produced which gives you exactly the product you need.

Size, Weight, height

With photo studios, size, weight and height do not matter as there are different types of studios for all your needs. You can easily shoot any product photos you need irrespective of size, weight and height.

HD, 3D and 360° animations

Producing 3-dimensional photos and interactive 360° animations are extremely easy when using fully automated photo studio system. Boost your photo communication needs with such animations and obtain a competitive advantage. High definition photos are also achieved through this studio for your exquisite print media needs.

Image formats

The photo studio software allows you to generate large volumes of web-compatible and print-compatible image formats such as JPEG, Flash, GIFF, TIFF among others. These may be used for your specific needs.

With such a multi-purpose photo studio, companies are able to enhance their customer’s online experience through rich media interfaces and high definition professional photos and also to increase the rate of conversion. Having such a studio for e-commerce needs, online commerce will not only increase their overall sales but it will also help in attaining maximum photo production efficiency whilst minimizing costs.

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