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Published: 12th August 2010
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Compared to traditional photography, packshot photography is one step ahead, especially for products in the sales and marketing sector. In this article, we shall analyze the difference between traditional photography and packshot photography, which one is better according to situations, how packshot photography has evolved and how it can be used today for companies to be more productive whilst saving costs.

Let us first of all analyze the meaning of traditional photography. Traditional photography can be devised in two categories; home use and business use. Home use is simply taking photos at will without actually caring for quality as simply the meaning attached to it is of importance. For example, taking the photos of a boy in front of his birthday cake does not require any specific setup in terms of make-up and lighting; simply aim and click.

Business photos are taken by professionals with the aim to create sales or to communicate. Sometimes a full set up is needed to create a background for the object or person. We will develop more on this later on.

On the other hand, packshot photography is a clever way of photographing. Packshot photography is the use of professional digital cameras in taking high definition or high quality photos of objects or persons placed within a special photo studio. The size of the digital photo studio differs as there can be several types of studios for small objects like rings, for large objects like luggage and for very large objects like a motorbike.

Traditional Photography versus Packshot Photography

In marketing and communication, both types of photography are important according to specific situations. For example, taking photos of a hotel for the creation of its website would require the use of traditional photography. In such case, packshot photography would be inappropriate. Let us consider the case of a supermarket product. Using packshot photography, one can easily produce uniform products photos on a white or black background very easily. This type of photography is very versatile compared to traditional photography. The photos obtained are ready-to-use and no editing concerning background removal is necessary. Hence, production time and costs are saved.

We can also consider the case of a fashion model needing to take photos at the top of a building for advertising purposes. If we relied solely on traditional photography, we would need to bring the total shooting equipments, the crew and setting up the lighting at the top of the building. This would cost the company tremendous loss of time and money.

However, with packshot photography, one can take the same photo of the model inside a digital photographic studio in the comfort of their office and then cut the model so as to superimpose it on another photo. Such a photo can be done in-house within minutes. Hence, with packshot photography, all types of photos can be easily created.

Evolution of packshot photography

Packshot photography has constantly been evolving throughout time. Now, there are packshot photo studios on the market which can be used to create amazing high quality photos and high definition photos of products. Moreover, these digital studios have uniform lighting conditions and white or black backgrounds can be chosen for photo creation. What is more interesting is the fact that there are some packshot studios that can create interactive animations within some clicks. There are the 360 degrees animation of products and the 3 dimensional animations of objects. Both animations and photos can be created very easily due to the intuitive interface of the digital studio. Hence, packshot photography has really evolved and has become indispensable today for better production of photos and animations.

Benefits of packshot studios

- Creation of high quality product photos within some clicks

- Your products become interactive with 3D animations and 360-degree animations

- High definition photos can be created by anyone with the intuitive interface

- Production can be done in-house thus saving time and money

- There are higher customer conversion rate due to appealing photos and animations

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